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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos™ is a strategy videogame, the third part of the Warcraft series, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Besides continuing the story of the medieval epic world, it incorporates two important improvements - the 3D graphics and two new races that take part in the battles.

This demo puts you under the skin of the Orc general Thrall, with whom you are supposed to guide your men through a land crowded with enemies.

At the beginning you will be on your own, with a few warriors by your side, but later on you will be able to create your own base, collecting resources (gold and wood) to make up a huge army.

Some of the most remarkable features of this game, besides the excellent graphic quality, are the heroes' ability to learn spells, going up from level to level and picking up magical objects. All these elements enhance the attractiveness of this game.

The demo version of Warcraft III, Reign of Chaos features a two-mission tutorial that introduces you to one of the main Heroes of Warcraft III, three missions showing the Orcs' battles and allows playing through Battle.net™.

The missions included in this demo are totally new and do not appear in the full version of the game.

Review summary


  • Excellent storyline
  • Possibility of playing through the net


  • Requires a good video board, at the very least
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